P4068357 foto hans gerritsen

Photograph by Hans Gerritsen


Below you will find a selection of critic reviews. Please click on each of the names to read more

'Frank van Hemert, he is a painter pur sang. He was born with a paintbrush in his hand. He makes masterpieces and can hang next to Willem de Kooning and all the other famous painters.'

'van hemert has created a substantial body of work. Usually working in series, the artist addresses subjects that deal with the principles of life;birth-life death. They also consider the transitional phases between these life stages and the loniless these could lead to. For van Hemert they undeniably form part of the cycle of life and are important themes informing his approach for his paintings. van Hemert demonstates all of this in varying compilations,often triptychs,but also in larger formationsThe search for connection,for universal emotions that man shares as a species, is the leitmotiv in Frank van Hemerts series'

'van Hemert knows how to make the emotion tangible every time through the physical work of painting. The texture, material handling, color, viewing direction and shape give the work a certain feeling, which enlivens the drama in the image. Van Hemert also dares to take a position: his work is a world that is sensible and also gives rise to considerations'

'The work of Frank van Hemert always contains a certain tension between immediately recognizable motifs and an underlying metaphysical semantic layer. The multi-layered technique and the intensive use of colour also contribute to the ambiguous nature of his work. As a result, the viewer making considerations gradually penetrates into his work.'

'Frank van Hemert works in series but the act of painting is central in every series. For van Hemert, painting is an attempt to step out of the process for a moment and to stop time'

'Van Hemert's compositions move between concrete and abstraction. The compositions spread in powerful colored movement. Bright and dark colour areas alternate with each other, perfused by linear colour bundles and strokes. The paintings by Frank van Hemert are to be regarded as an attempt to explore existential questions of human existence,starting from the from the individual experience and to unlock and make visible, generally valid phenomena as well as to understand oneself and ones actions.'

'van Hemert and Anton Heyboer have much in common The two oeuvres lack the object oriented approach,do not exist in a vacuum ,have a serial elaboration, are not subject to changing fashion and therefor timeless. Both artists are outsiders in the sense that they folow/followed their own bent and do/did not bother artistic or bourgeois conventions.'

'The result is remarkable, There is a sense of relief, an experience of beauty, when there is unbridled painting, If there is anything that gives Van Hemert’s work contemporary relevance, it is this faith in the physical process with which he withdraws himself from the rationalization of art, He refuses to submit the art of painting to the social scientific conceptual apparatus that strongly determines the visual arts at the moment.'